Richard W. Greenbaum, PC
Richard W. Greenbaum, PC provides cost effective representation to insured and self-insured entities.  The firm handles matters, including automotive and trucking accidents, intentional torts, property damage, negligence and premises liability issues, such as dangerous conditions, failure to warn, inadequate security, slip and fall incidents and unlawful third party conduct.

The firm has achieved extremely favorable results through aggressive litigation, negotiation and utilization of various alternative dispute resolution processes.   We work closely with our clients, insurance carrier claims adjusters, supervisors and managers, and in-house counsel, offering efficient representation and prompt responsiveness from the time we are assigned a file, through the conclusion of each litigated matter.

Richard W. Greenbaum, PC also defends business entities in a variety of litigated matters, often brought by customers, clients, vendors, suppliers and competitors.  
Before proceeding with litigation, all options of defense are thoroughly explored.  We review the merits of the allegations, evaluate the potential defenses, and consider the anticipated costs of defending the case through trial.

Once litigation ensues, we use every measure to achieve the best result for our client, whether by trial verdict, settlement or, where applicable, some form of alternative dispute resolution.