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Mike J.

Yelp Review

I've been working with Richard for the past year and I have to say its refreshing to work with an attorney that actually takes the time to understand his clients and their individual needs...If anyone reading this needs a solid attorney Richard W. Greenbaum is hands down the best I could refer.

Andrezza M.

Yelp Review

Richard handled all of our business needs.  He is so easy to work with and I enjoyed going to his office for appointments.  He's got such a great, easy-going personality and you can tell he really loves the work he does.

Josy T.

Yelp Review

I was yelping in need of a lawyer and I saw he had great reviews so I gave him a call.  He is probably the nicest lawyer your ever talk too.  I can see why he has so many great reviews.

Brandon B.

Yelp Review

My small business has utilized Richard's services for our legal needs on several occasions.  He helped us incorporate and get our legal affairs in order when starting up our business.  He is very accessible and has a great depth of knowledge with regard to business law and the needs of a small business.  On top of that he is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services for any small business.

Njoki M.

Yelp Review

Look no further! My sister and I went through the ringer searching high and low for a business lawyer for our business development and contracts. When I saw all the 5 star reviews I thought he may be too good to be true. I can happily say that Richard lived up to those 5 stars!

Angela E.

Yelp Review

Working with Rich feels like we have an attorney on staff, he's always there when you need him, ready and eager to help. I would recommend Rich Greenbaum to any small/medium business owner looking for a "friend in the legal business."

Renee N.

Yelp Review

My business partner and I hired Richard to draft and file our incorporation papers. He provided excellent service- he was extremely responsive, very knowledgeable and made sure that our papers were filed promptly and accurately. Richard has been a great resource for my partner and I as we navigate our way through the business world

Robby T.

Yelp Review

I am an owner of a small business. 
Our Company has utilized Richard W. Greenbaum as our attorney since the early 1990's.  Richard is a very talented, intelligent, and competent Lawyer. He is tough, charismatic, and results oriented...I wholeheartedly without reservation, recommend Richard Greenbaum, to anyone needing legal counsel from a competent, compassionate, experienced Lawyer.

Ambar B.

Yelp Review

When I called him over a month ago he answered the phone immediately and is so prompt at returning calls and emails.  He has been there every step of the way giving me his guidance and support during this process.  If you need a good, person on your side look no further!  He is worth every penny and more.  Thank you Richard you have gained a FOREVER client with me!!

Crystal D.

Yelp Review

I just opened up a small private gym and Richard assisted me in it all. From my lease agreement to my liability form to my membership agreement. He continues to support me and help me. Hes very knowledgeable and explains things to where i can understand them. He has been a major help in teaching me the ropes of owing a business. I will forever be grateful for him.

Jessica A.

Yelp Review

Richard's motto should be, "When there's trouble, I'm there!" because.. well, he is! Richard isn't only prompt when it comes to responding to messages, he is also very knowledgeable.

Michael D.

Yelp Review

The fees we paid Mr. Greenbaum for,his services were some of the best monies we have ever spent for an attorney. I highly recommend him. If you reach out to him you will see his detail oriented methods and feel at ease that you called the right person to handle your contractual disputes. 

Suzanne M.

Yelp Review

Being the sole proprietor of a small business, there have been a handful of times I've been in need of legal counsel. From the first business contact Mr. Greenbaum advise me on, not only was his advice sound and solid, but it convinced me that should I ever be in need of legal services again, there would be absolutely no need to seek out any other attorney.

Shannon R.

Yelp Review

I like to rate places based off efficiency, knowledge of their product and customer care. If you would like all expectations to be exceeded in those terms by all means use this law firm's services. 

Business Law

We will assist you with everything from your business formation to maintaining your day to day business operations.  You can rest easy knowing that you have a small business attorney looking after your needs.

Contract Law

When you retain a business attorney to draft, review, or negotiate your contracts, you will protect your business and reduce the risk of potential, costly and time consuming legal issues.

Real Estate Law

We will provide you with proper legal representation when purchasing and selling real estate, or leasing commercial property, whether you are the lessor or lessee.

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"I am your outside general counsel; just a phone call or email away!"

Do you need professional legal help from a small business attorney?

We are primarily a business law firm, and our clientele consists mostly of small and medium-sized businesses.

We have found that most small businesses do not have the need, nor the resources, to have a full-time attorney on staff. That is where we come in to help.

We have become what we would term an outside general counsel. We are similar to an attorney who would be on staff; however, we are off the premises, we maintain our own office, and are always just a phone call or email away.


We use a preventive maintenance approach towards our clients business law issues. We use a partnershop approach, where we meet with our clients to discuss present and potential future legal concerns.   We have found that a few hours of planning and prevention can save our clients money and, at times, help avoid unnecessary and extremely costly litigation.

Call us today, and let's find the right solutions for you and your business.

Why Richard W. Greenbaum, PC?

We assist small businesses by taking on all of their legal issues. Those present and those that we're trying to keep from happening. We are outside general counsel for small businesses; essentially, your company's legal department.  While we are not located on the premises, we are only a phone call or email away and always ready to assist.

Basically, you are sharing the expenses associated with a business legal department, with other similarly situated companies.