3 Shocking Reasons You Need a Small Business Attorney

If you are interested in opening a small business in Southern California, congratulations! Leaving a grueling 9 to 5 corporate position may seem like a scary leap but there are endless rewards awaiting you.

If you are looking to employee staff or personally communicate with potential clients, it is imperative you protect your business. Knowing legal terminology may not be enough.

The most common reasons for hiring a business lawyer are:

  • Ensuring the business is being set up correctly
  • Choosing a sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, etc.
  • Traversing the necessary documentation
  • Freeing your time to focus on your business

It is important to note that legalities can become an issue if you do not have a lawyer involved from the beginning. Hiring a small business attorney in Southern California can protect you and your business from future legal troubles. A business attorney is much more than setting up your business. Here are the top 5 shocking areas you will need an attorney for:

Changing Laws

You may believe laws are concrete but they are always changing. Instead of assuming the law or rigorously attempting to stay in the know, hiring an attorney is the way to go. Legal requirements in business can change and may affect your business.

An attorney will educate you in the applicable laws relevant to your situation and guide you the proper route.

Handling Customer Complaints

The dreaded customer complaints can lead to strenuous lawsuits. Having a knowledgeable business attorney on hand protects you and your business. A lawyer who has been with you from formation has eyes and ears for lawsuits and can adequately predict complexities before they arise.

Customer complaints can become ugly, if not dangerous. Your legal representation is your armor in defending what you worked so hard to create

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

If you monetize on an innovative product or service, it is vital to protect your assets. If you choose not to, you run the risk of someone stealing your idea or slogan that they will also profit from. A legal battle can ensue over who truly owns the property. An educated business attorney can navigate through existing intellectual property to prevent an infringement and protect what is yours from duplication.

Hiring a trustworthy attorney may feel like an extra expense, but it is an expense you cannot afford not to have. Your business has a higher chance of succeeding and being virtually untouchable by your competition by being watched over by an attorney. Eliminating the chance of a lawsuit is one of the best perks of having a lawyer monitoring your day to day operations and foundational business framework.

If you are looking to start a business, contact Richard Greenbaum, Esq. A reliable and established attorney in Southern California with nearly 40 years of experience, Mr. Greenbaum will legally protect you and your business using his vast knowledge of business law and procedures. Call him today!