How to Hire the Right Business Lawyer in California

When you own a business, you cannot entrust just anyone with your biggest asset. Every business owner must have a business attorney on their team. But how do you know which business attorney in California is the right one?

With so many attorneys within arms length, you may become frustrated with which one to pick. Here are some helpful hints that will help you pick the right business attorney for you:

  • What kind?
  • Research
  • Reviews
  • In person interview
  • Resources

What Kind of Business Lawyer Do You Need?

First things first. You must decide what kind of business lawyer you need. There are many specialty niches within the business lawyer realm. If you know your business industry, that is the specialty lawyer you are looking for.

Not any business lawyer will do. Your mission is to narrow it down as much as possible to your specific industry.


When looking for a reputable attorney, it is imperative to research before action. Go online and search for local attorneys near you to see what your options are. Legal directories and opinions of other attorneys are alternative routes you can take.

Review Those Reviews

Online reviews have become the foundation of the make it or break it clause. Yelp paved the way for real people to leave real reviews from the products and services they use. A great attorney should have many reviews. The majority of the reviews should be 4.5 stars or better. Any lower and you are putting yourself at risk for future issues!

In Person Interview

Next, schedule an interview with each of the attorneys on your list. When in your interview, pay attention to the demeanor of the attorney. Are they friendly? Do you get along? What is their reputation around town? Not only are their credentials important, their overall attitude is just as important, if not more!

Choosing an attorney who is compatible to your personality style is crucial. You will be working hand in hand with this person throughout the lifespan of your business (hopefully), so choose wisely!

Do They Have Other Resources?

The final distinguishing factor that informs you of which attorney is the right one for you is: resources. Does the attorney you have your eye on offer other resources? For example, are they members of any specialized associations that may be of benefit to you?

Is the attorney willing to provide their networking list to potentially grow your list of clients or customers? A California business attorney who is well-rounded and respected will have other resources to offer other than the basics and day-to-day operations of your business practices.




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