Real Estate Investor Entities 101

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Many people aim to create income from purchasing and selling real estate. However, one of the most difficult choices is determining how to hold your title based on which entity you choose. There are several choices of entities as follows:   Sole proprietorship General partnership Limited partnership Limited liability corporation (LLC) Corporation   Sole Proprietorship…

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Remote Work and the Laws You Need to Know

We are living in a very unique time. Coronavirus, or COVD-19, has swept across the globe, making working on-site virtually impossible. Many businesses now offer remote work to their employees. This alleviates further business issues for both employer and employee.   Before you begin offering your employees remote work options, it is imperative you know…

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How to Hire the Right Business Lawyer in California

When you own a business, you cannot entrust just anyone with your biggest asset. Every business owner must have a business attorney on their team. But how do you know which business attorney in California is the right one? With so many attorneys within arms length, you may become frustrated with which one to pick.…

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