Keeping Your Employees Happy Brings Your Business More Success

Running a business can be incredibly awarding. It can also be quite harrowing if not conducted properly, especially since many businesses have been forced to offer remote work. Some of the most important aspects of running a successful business are: Have passion for what you do Get organized Track your competition Analyze risks versus rewards…

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4 Surprising Things to Know About California’s Employment Law


Let’s start by testing your knowledge of California employment law with this short True/False Quiz: Employee Agreements are mandatory in California. T or F Employee Non-Compete Agreements are legal in California. T or F It is possible that the same individual may be considered an employee for purposes of one law and an independent contractor…

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How to Avoid Getting Sued


WELCOME to Richard W. Greenbaum’s Business Law Blog. Our objective is education. We hope to give you some pertinent information to help you as you plan and launch or as you are running your small or medium sized business. There are many areas of legal concern that we can guide you through. This month’s topic…

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